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Set Fire To The Face On Fire

18 September 1992
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**The interests below this were written a good few years ago and therefore may or may not represent my current self at this moment in time.
acting dumb, adult swim, afi, aim, al bhed, alkaline trio, all-nighters, anarchy, anti-flag, being hyper, blasting music, blink 182, blue screen of death, bouncing souls, burnt face man, caffiene, chasing parked cars, cheats the movie, chuck palahniuk books, coke, comics, culling songs, darkness, ddr, doom, drunken irish punk, duct tape, energy drinks, fhqwhgads, fight club, final fantasy series, fire, flogging molly, friends, fuego!, funny songs, gaming, gaz, gign, gir, goldfinger, greg dean, guitar solos, hanging out, hardcore gaming sessions, hatemail, hating bush, hating dell, hating emo, hating internet chains, hating politics, hating popular music, hating rap, hating xbox, holy grail, holy hand grenade, huddle, hyperness, hysterical laughter, i voted for kodos, internet, invader zim, jeff hardy, jolt soda, jones soda, jumping around, kingdom hearts series, knights of ni, lagwagon, laughing causes cancer, laziness, legendary frog, less than jake, life of brian, light, maddox, maniacal laughter, matt hardy, meaning of life, meaningless destruction, metal gear solid series, monty python, monty python's flying circus, mosh pits, moshing, music, night, nofx, office space, oxymorons, paintballing, parties, pepsi, prank calls, ps2, punk, pyros, randomness, ranting, raw, real life comics, rebeling, red, red green show, red hot chili peppers, rioting to music, rise against, rock, running in circles, saying woah, saying woo, school of rock, screaming, shirt ninja, simpsons, ska, skateboarding, sleeping, smackdown, sobe drinks, soda, strong bad emails, strongbadia, stupid stuff, subliminal messages, sugar, swordplay, swords, system of a down, tabs, tenacious d, that 70's show, the ataris, the lawrence arms, the living end, the offspring, the system is down, they might be giants, thursday by six, vans, violence, weezer, weird al yankovic, wreaking havoc, wrestling, writing songs, wwf, yelling, yelling at cars, ytmnd