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Beginning in an ending [Mar. 14th, 2008|10:56 pm]
Let's be honest here. Who are we kidding? Here I am rambling on and on, tossing about the same copies of topics so old and tired and boring. All my ideas are stale. I really can't go on with this anymore. So it's done. I know what you're thinking. "How could he just give up and belong to MySpace forever?" Well, never you fear. My sudden infatuation with early 2000s pop culture (not to be rivaled with 90s pop culture, but its still way better than now, am I right?" has got me still interested in this whole livejournal biznass......err....business. It was a real eyeopener when I signed on here and realized how much this website had changed. So I've decided to start fresh. New livejournal, new ideas, a complete waste of time in a whole new variety. This journal is dead. It was fun while it lasted. I'll keep it all up on here on this now seperate journal with the classic background and the nonsensical stories of a strange, strange kid. I figure if I start new I'd be defaming and cheating the cheap legacy of my roots. If I ever feel nostalgic, I might even drop in here for an exclusive update, not only would that be cool, but it would be twice as inconvenient for the reader, having to distinguish between two journals. Which wouldn't be too ungenerous of me because my audience is nothing more than a few rows of empty seats. Enough of that. Onward.

Here's my new journal:

I'm not sure but the link might be dashes instead, so it'd probably be for-broken-ears.livejournal.com

Way cooler than my username now, with its missing letter and all, eh?
What the hell is a grenad?
I guess we'll never know.
Besides, Monty Python isn't that big of a hit around my group anymore, anyways. That ship has sailed.

So I may not start updating right away, but when I do, I'll actually be updating often. I urge everyone to join the livejournal revolution and take down the 'Space. I'm sure we all have something worthwhile to say, more important than putting "girls" under general interests on your myspace profile and taking pictures of yourself in the mirror obsessively, hoping people will pay attention to you.

Let's end this journal like it began. Frank's a communist. It's true.
Party on, kids.
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This is unexpected [Jan. 15th, 2008|09:03 pm]
Do you guys like updates? No? Well, you're getting one anyway.

What? Right now? No, I meant soon.
Pssh, right now, you're a funny person.

Anyways, check back soon, for an update is imminent!
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the absolute cheapest gift I could afford to give: an update [Dec. 28th, 2007|10:46 am]

Are you excited? Well, ARE YOU EXCITED?!?!  
Of course you're not excited, blogging sucks, man.

Anyways, I had gone a whole 28 weeks and all avoiding the painful task of the update before guilt finally caught up to me.  And no, I'm not talking about the guilt from knowing that I'm letting down the total of like, 5, people that read this thing. No man, screw that. I was talking about ghosts. You know, Christmas ghosts.     
So it was Christmas Eve and I was sleeping in my bed, dreaming of ways to taunt Vinny's obsession with Jade Puget. Just when I got to thinking of a song about Vinny and Jade Puget set to a classic Christmas melody, the ghost of Christmas Past appeared. He looked like me, yet had this high and squeaky voice, and was wearing a Sideout shirt. I was all "what do you want" and he said something about updating but his voice was at such a high pitch my ears couldn't pick up the sound waves.  Then I heard him say the word emo, and I attempted to attack him before he disappeared. The ghost of Christmas Present thought he could show me around everyone's Christmas this year, and point out what it would be like should I not update.  Of course he wasn't very convincing because my lack of update really didn't affect anyone at all. Finally, the ghost of Christmas Future showed up. He showed me what it would be like if I did not update again. I had....54678 friends on MySpace. My profile song was by Chiodos. And in my picture I saw a kid that looked like me wearing an extra small hoodie. Finally, I caved, and here I am today.

So when it comes down to it, Christmas really isn't about the presents, it has a much much deeper meaning than that. But since that's boring and not worth my time in this update, I'll just proceed to listing the most important of the wonderful material goods I received.

-A new Playstation squared.     "But Anthony", you say, "why the hell would you get a new Playstation squared when you could just get a next gen gaming console like an Xbox 360 or a PS cubed or a Wii?"  Good question, you overzealous out-of-shape obsessive gamer. I'll tell you exactly why.
Why not to get a Playstation cubed-  As attracting as it seems to spend $47838483858 on a console that's still filled with bugs and won't work in 2 years, I'm sure at least I'd be drawn to its total of, what, 3 games released so far to choose from?
Why not to get an Xbox 360-- You know what? Apparently first person shooters are really fun. Turns out I was wrong. Turns out that every first person shooter, such as Halo, or Call of Duty, or Resistance, or whatever varies greatly and is fun on its own level. Turns out they're actually entertaining.  And if all of that is true, then it must be true that RJ and Vinny would actually turn down a night alone in a room with Davey Havok and Jade Puget. (Cheap shot, I know.)
Why not to get a Wii- Are you serious? As fun it is to accidently have the Wiimote slip out of my hands and shatter my TV, at least I'm getting in shape, right? Cmon now, gamers are supposed to be lazy, I mean I can understand indulging yourself in DDR every now and then but an entire system devoted to being active is just demeaning for what all those sorry gaming losers stand for.
And yes, I'm cooler than all of them. 

Okay, whoa, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend anyone, I respect your personal choice, and I'm sorry for the conceited Tom DeLonge-esque comment at the end.
Speaking of Tom DeLonge, there's this MySpace music thing up that has a handful of artists with their favorite songs and albums. And this conceited asshole Tom, he ranks his own damn album at number one, and 2 of his own songs are in his top 5 favorite songs of the year. You know, I really think that Tom is the only person who doesn't realize that Angels and Airwaves aren't that great.  I don't really even think he can comprehend any thoughts past "Yeah, I'm pretty awesome, aren't I?" Then again, this is coming from the same guy who actually thought his sex jokes were funny.

Anyways, I kinda got sidetracked, I think I was talking about the cool stuff that I got.
- This thing that records music.  (you know, I never know what to call it,cause every time I think of a new name for it, people don't know what the hell I'm talking about.) But this is really like a whole new responsibility for me. Most people only  have to worry about not sucking at life. But me, I have to worry about not sucking at life AND not sucking at music. If worse comes to worse, I can always turn to noise rock. Where the objective is to actually suck. And play nonexistant chords. That'd be pretty damn fun actually.

Top 3 reasons why you should hang out with me over break:
1) I'll bring a hat, and if you throw some change into it, I'll dance.
2)  I'll probably hurt myself.  We can bet on how it'll happen. I'm feeling pretty confident on running into something.
3) I have this really cheap glow-in-the-dark sword (not quite a glowstick, but it's an improvement I guess), so we can rave.

I think I'm going to count how many times I've said "anyways" on this journal.

I know I don't deserve them, but could you comment me anyways? I might actually put in a little more effort next time.

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27 viles of livejournal wrath [Jun. 13th, 2007|03:08 pm]
I guess it all happened when I was sitting in the basement, playing SNES. Well SNES reminded me of Mario which reminded me of Italy which reminded me of old rotting cheese which reminded me of things that smell which reminded me of toilets which reminded me of public areas which reminded me of movie theatres which reminded me of resees pieces which reminded me of chocolate which reminded me of food which reminded me of bread which reminded me of the long geneaology at the beginning of the Book of Matthew, which reminded me of words, which reminded me of newspapers which reminded me of "what's black and white and red all over?" and the answer was my livejournal and I realized I had forgotten to update. 

So here I am once again for another magical edition of my mediocre life happenings exaggerated as if they mean something. But if you think that gives you a reason to not comment, you're wrong. In fact, you have every reason possible to comment. You'd better comment. Anyways, I guess I'd better pick up where I left off. In my last entry I spoke of a project, which will now be known as the "Insane Clown Project #1". I say "insane clown" because it needs to be evil, and come on, what's more evil than an insane clown? You're absolutely right, an insane clown with his head on fire driving around in a car shooting at a guy named Calypso in a firetruck. But that's too long for quotations. Anyways, when all was said and done the "Insane Clown Project #1" was a success, but that didn't stop my teacher from going insane on us and accusing us of cheating at the end of the year. Example, "Mr. Sweet Tooth, what if he put this answer?" "HE'S CHEATING! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU KIDS?!?!?!" I was once accused of cheating in his class and I informed him that I wasn't scared to go all Axel on his ass and then I slid under one of those steel doors that drop under the ceiling to safety. But hey, it's not like I win. The next room had my Algebra teacher, Super Axel, which well, prevented me from going Axel on her ass. What followed was a high-impact assault of random letters and numbers. Realizing my life bar was low I decided to use a CALCUALTOR! on my final exam and I love calculators they're cheating minus the cheating so it's like cheating the cheating. And "calculator" is just so fun to say. 

Minus the cheap thrill of my school life, I've had plenty of other non-school related cheap thrill. There was one weekend where I had RJ and Vinny over, and as always, hardcore band practice was the consequence before we decided "Hey, Walgreens + Freedom Hill = cheap amusement recorded on a video camera!" So we make our way to Walgreens, get out a Sobe because Sobes are damn good, and I decide to bust a move for the camera, but unfortunately I not only busted a move but I busted the Sobe bottle in the process. Luckily, the guy working there was cool and didn't bust a cap. 

There was also hardcore air hockey. Oh how amazing the air hockey was with its hardcore hardcoreness. Look, if air hockey was hardcore, I'd be too. Anyways Marc and I took the air hockey to the extreme at Kirsten's party, and we have way too much skillage for 1 puck so we used 2. Yeah, hardcore. The second of the air hockeys was at RJ's amazing party which was amazing amazingness. His table was, dare I say, more hardcore, because the puck could just fly off the table, and all these pucks were different shapes. Yeah, talk about hardcore. Did I ever mention I met Mick Foley? How hardcore is that? Anyways, we played red rover there, and I'm not sure why because that just canceled out all my hardcoreness that is until i was called over, jumped over their arms, and landed, wrist-hit-concrete. And oh it didn't break. Cause I'm hardcore. 

Then there was the awesomeness of Katie's party where I played hardcore hackeyesack. And had a conflict with Becca over money. As you may have guessed, hardcore is the word of the day. It's just fun to say. Could you imagine a hardcore calculator? Yeah, it'd be a calcuator but it'd be all dirty and duct-taped and there'd be wires sticking out of it. Yes yes.

I'm going to the Halmich Park fair thing tomorrow with Justin and Kyle! As for Justin, he's getting many many many many many many firecrackers. Best 4th of July ever.  Oh, and I'm playing DDR again. So is Justin. We played hardcore DDR Friday and Sunday. Yes yes.

If you don't comment, no more updates. 
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Never eat soup served to you by Tyler Durden [Apr. 27th, 2007|08:48 am]
[music |Millencolin--Simple Twist of Hate]

And once again, I am back on this damn thing. After much debating with myself, I finally won (or lost, depends which way you look at it.) Well it's been a month since I've updated to let absolutely no one know about my life happenings. And as I'm sure my life is as exciting as staring at a tree, it was still one crazy month.

I guess the first day of April deserved some kind of recognition because that was WrestleMania 23, and being that I'm quite the wrestling fan (hey its more fun to watch than staring at a number of things, not just a tree. Use your imagination) I had to watch it. Perhaps that day my obsession got a bit out of hand as I did the unthinkable, unspeakable, and most downright insane thing I have ever done before. And that was to call Tally, yes, the friend of mine from years ago, to go over his house and watch the damn PPV.  Now, looking back on this, I'm not sure what I was thinking, because it was just a horrible idea to be anywhere near his house. Rightly so, as he just let the horrors unfold, like one of those evil guys in a scary movie. Yes, I'll admit, I had nightmares for weeks when I found out that he no longer played DDR, our longtime tradition, but now played Guitar Hero all the time instead. I had to leave the light on when I slept for days after he claimed some girl he knew was "just like me" but obviously wasn't as I realized at a quick glance at her myspace which Tally showed me. 
Anyways, onto the PPV, how was it? It was downright disappointing. Sure the ladder match with the Hardyz was good, and sure, the Undertaker vs. Batista title match was good, and sure the Hair vs. Hair match was good, but everything else just SUCKED. I stared in disbelief in the shit they had given us, and was angry about wasting $50 on the thing. Wait, I didn't pay for it, Tally did. I'm glad Tally wasted $50 on the thing. So I guess it was alright in the end. It's damned right that Tally had to pay a fee to give me nightmares. Onward.

So one week and three days later, minus three days was Easter. This year's edition of Easter wasn't exactly something the critics would rave about, but it was good enough for me. Do you know what I did all day? Played Pokemon. That'll do. Onward.

So the next day was Monday, and may I remind you, or remind myself so I dont get confused and start ranting about a refridgerator, I had that week off. I didn't really do much that day, except go to the library to get some books on this project I gotta do, which will be addressed later in this update, hopefully with rage, if I'm up to it. 

Now Tuesday, quite a day Tuesday was. In fact, it worked so well that I think I was a victim ( well that may be the wrong word, I mean it in a positive way and I can't remember the word right now) of destiny. We were all gonna go up to Frankenmuth that day, and since I have guitar lessons on Tuesdays, we had to cancel the lessons. Well it turned out it was much too cold to go to Frankenmuth which, well, allowed me to go laser tagging  with Justin, Katie, Victoria, Olivia, and I don't feel like naming everyone else, all that matters is that they were there.  Well I'm not sure if it was destiny again, or bad luck, or any of those other emotions that cause me to not be able to produce fire with my hands, but me and Justin, we only got to play once.  Justin was severely disappointed, as he is an avid paintball player, that the lasers didn't hurt. Now I'm not sure when or where was the last time Justin played laser tag, but if it actually hurt, I'm sure Justin's gone crazy by now. But, of course, as all things in life end, we ended up shooting laser beams into eachothers eyes and...well I swear I can't see as clearly as before. Wait, what am I talking about, it ended with us obtaining the bag of  magic doritos from an antique shop. Anyways, it was great to see everyone again even if Katie did give me a mix cd of atrocious songs I didn't like. Quite the gift though, as when I was driving home listening to it, I couldn't help but think "Damn, how'd she know that I don't like this song?"

Wednesday, I did the unpossible. I went over, well, Katie's house. And quite a record I broke, 2 days in a row, damn that's revolutionary. Well as something strange or crazy or whatever you call it happens to me when I'm with people, without people, or hell, every second of my life, I ended up almost breaking my foot there. How? Well I'm sure you can think of a more exciting way of me breaking my foot in your head than what actually happened in real life. That was also the fateful night I discovered that I no longer knew how to play DDR. I decided that I had to go down to my basement and get good again. If only that actually happened. But it didn't. Onward.

Thursday. Ahhhhhhhhh Thursday. Kyle's house. Spent the night. And it was absolutely crazy. It was Kyle's house so right from the start we were all sugarhigh. And well, I acted crazy, the kind of crazy that I haven't been in years, it was like I had reverted to the me from 2005. That giant plate of brownies didn't exactly help. I distincly remember spinning around in circles on Kyle's unnecissarily smooth basement floor, and well, I can cross of something on my non-existant list of lifetime goals: fitting into a small box. Perhaps the most random thing I did was throw a pencil at a folding chair just to hear the CLANK. Double points if I could hit the seat of the chair and the pencil bounced up and hit the lip. and of course, how could I forget, Vinny got a PS3 and opened it for the first time over there. He only had 2 games for it but it was still gign gign and even more gign. Yes, I eventually calmed down, by laying on the couch, perfectly still, listening to the Postal Service. 

Friday morning I felt horrible. Yeah, party hangover. Well of course I get a call from RJ and I tell him "Hey, maybe we should hang out this weekend?" (now remember, Kyle and RJ hate eachother, wait, Kyle hates everyone) Of course, whenever I say "we should hang out" RJ immediately assumes that I'm saying "hey, come over, spend the night" So I hang up the phone, and walk down to the basement, and there's RJ sitting on the couch. Don't ask me how he does it. I fought through my party hangover to be able to work on a song with RJ, then we played some Metal Gear Solid. The next morning, we went to the informational meeting for the play we do every summer. In an extremely smart move, I brought Pokemon, which I hadn't played since a week earlier, and pretty much played it through the whole meeting. When they introduced the staff, all I heard was "Charmander" "Weedle" "Pidgey". Next thing I knew it was done, and well, now there was the line for the sign up sheets. The parents were there and agreed to sign us up, while we took some cookies (there were so many cookies it was enough to give a completely healthy person diabetes) and walked in circles. This meeting took place in the WCC, and by the auditorium, there are doors to the west and doors to the north. so we walked, through the north, circled, and went in through the rest. A conveniently placed sign was where we counted our laps. We eventually started yelling random phrases into doorways we passed, and walked in circles about 4 or 5 times before leaving. Onward.

So the next week I was sick. Onward.

And I'm currently on a 4 day weekend, which isn't really one because of this damned project. I'd do an angry rant right here, but I've typed so much that I never want to type anything ever again.

If you made it this far, you must be extremely bored to have read all of that, when you could have gone tree spotting.

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well, trying is the first step to failure [Apr. 25th, 2007|09:15 pm]
I was about to update this thing when I realized that I had a very exciting and adventurous task at hand: what was that task you ask? Not updating the livejournal. And you know I can't just ignore fate, I tried it once, and as a result, a box full of angry bees was sent to my house. That was not a fun day. 

So anyways, I know I have a responsibility, and that responsibility is to update this damn thing, but I am lacking the time, and I have plenty of honey in this house, which would prove another bee visit very obsolete and unpleasant. 

However, I will try my best, no promises, to update this weekend. Comment this entry or any of my other ones and I may just give you a cookie or a rusty knife, whichever you prefer. No promises there either.
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I'd hate to insult the emo scene kids, or crush all that the emophobes live for but... [Mar. 24th, 2007|06:05 pm]

Emo is dead. Let me say that again in case you didn't hear me. EMO IS DEAD. What, okay, don't believe me, you can always believe the MTV generation that throws you bullshit trying to create scenes and rebellion for profit. Go ask someone who listens to rap or 955, you bet they'll tell you what emo means.....But what the hell makes you think they're right? Because someone who listens to the most popular rap hits in the world and nothing else know what they're talking about, right? Same with the kids that know nothing of music outside of 89x? Well let's just say the damn rumor has spread, and now we've got a wonderful pop culture term that demeans all that DC-scene hardcore punk stood for. Because that was REAL emo. Yes. Real emo was not some label pinned on depressed and suicidal people.  It was underground DC-scene (and a few other places I believe) hardcore punk.  All that matters is it's dead now. Died in the late nineties/ early 2000s. You're not gonna believe me are you. No you're gonna let the pop culture tell you what's right....the ones known for their lies? Now, don't get me wrong...It's not just the fact that "emo" is being misinterpreted as another whole genre of music. That's not all that bothers me. It's the fact that it's been stereotyped and used in our society for a greater evil. Now it's a "cool" thing to make fun of "emo". Kinda makes people's self-esteem rise them thinking "Pssh well at least I'm not emo." Every time I hear this (and trust me I hear it alot) I am overcome by rage, just thinking about the overall ignorance and intolerance. Yeah how about that one. It's cruelty. Instead of maybe helping people through tough problems in their life we'll just say "pssh.....that person is emo". hah. That's great. Maybe if you weren't such a selfish conformist piece of shit, you'd realize that not everyone's got it as great as you. Yeah you've got it great, you've got it perfect, and there are other people, other people that are just struggling to get by. Not by choice. Not their fault. They dont wake up in the morning and say "I'm gonna  be emo just for the hell of it." Well no. Don't tell me you've never complained in your life. Don't tell me you've never had problems, or felt sad. It's a little something called human nature. And you may have gotten over that but there's alot of people that can't do that. The ones that are scarred for life (physically and mentally). And nice way to be a hypocrite, dumass.  You give no sympathy, its just gonna make it worse for them.  Now I do admit there are people that take it over the top. Those people are just dumb. But don't go around calling them emo. Maybe you should refer to them as "Dumbass posers that overdo it way too much." Cause calling them emo, damn, thats just wrong. For the sake of the dead genre, it's wrong. As for the music, come on now. Whiny pop punk doesn't deserve to be called emo. So don't call it emo. And is it really necessary to stop liking a song and/or band because someone called it emo? Dude, who cares, enjoy the music for the music, not for the label. To be honest, all fans are posers, but we'll save that one for a different rant. Nowadays, when people read/hear something deep they say "emo." Wow! then lets just forget about talented songwriting, the art in music and the rest of that shit. It's so much easier to cope with problems when someone writes about them. And people just shit on that. Maybe it's cause they're ignorant, maybe it's cause theyre jealous because its only cool to like songs about crime, comedy, and random pointlessness.  Someone once told me "AFI is emo man, have you ever seen the music video for Miss Murder?" It's a real shame he can't enjoy a band because of their music video, or the way they dress, or because pop culture told him he couldn't.  Maybe he should've thought about the meaning behind the video, or the band's work in general before pointing the emo finger.

Emo is dead. People have problems. Music is deep. Accept it. Get over it. Stop wasting your time, emophobes.
As for the kids that believe they are emo, find something else to waste your time with. Or, and I know this is a radical suggestion, you could just drop the damn label and be yourself

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What We Have To Say To You Is Important [Mar. 20th, 2007|04:26 pm]
[music |Violent Femmes!]

WHOA??!?!?!? What the hell am I doing here? The last time I clicked on the "update" button (every time I do so it's a horrible mistake) I was 10 months younger, and hell, back then I didn't know much. Reading through this livejournal made me realize that I long for nothing more than to punch my former self as hard as I can.  He certainly had it coming for him. So let's play a little game.  Every time I make a point about my former stupidity, count that as one punch to my former self.

- Wrestling is not fake.
-Emo is dead, and it does not mean whiny music/people that cut themselves.
-I was not an anarchist
-And if I thought I'm a rebel, well damn, I must spend all my time on the internet and post dumb blogs.
Dammit, that one didn't work so well.
Let's just make it simple and say that I wasn't a rebel.
Now let's add four more puches for good measure.
Now before I get someone with down syndrome to tally up the numbers for me (what, we need to use up time while I type)
I have to make it clear that I do not support anything that I wrote in this livejournal, except maybe the main ideas of the rants.
Those rants were gold. I'm not gonna go back and check them for fear  I might find myself saying "emo sucks".
You know what? Let's assume I did say that. Another punch.

Okay I believe that totals our score to 9, I had to do the addition myself cause our little down syndrome buddy over here drew a picture of a hot dog eating a car instead.
So now what? Well I figure that punching my former self 9 times will indeed alter the future. That's right, at this very age, I predict one of two things may happen: I can either become one of those fast talking disclaimer guys at the end of radio commercials, or a hobo sleeping in a dumpster.  Either way, it'd be amazing. Hey now, dumpsters actually contain very interesting things and come on, I'd be smelly and dirty anyways so what's there to lose?!
Think about it.

I'd also like to point out that hardly anyone reads this anymore. But I continue to write because MySpace is overrated.

And I'm also sure people wanna know where I've been the next 9 months. Well the story dates back to last time I updated this journal. It was the June of 2006 and I had just planned to re-update the journal.  It was the St. Anne Graduation and I was partying (err...pertying) and doing these insane dance moves that I didn't even know existed. Just when I was about to.....
and bam....I woke up and realized I was having a seizure! So much for incredible dance moves. So I fell back asleep.  I had quite a strange dream where someone warned me they were coming for me. I woke up and discovered that it was just my talking cat warning me to get up or else it would tell the other cats I was feeding it dog food instead of meow mix. I woke up from that one and realized it was just my alarm. I came to believe that my alarm had strange powers and decided to wake up. I went to the graduation and tried to bust those amazing dance moves like I did in my dream, so I devised a pro and con list.

pro: I was already dressed nice so had I died from the seizure they could have slipped me right into my coffin.
con: A school gym is no place to die a decent death.

Well, I had to go with the con due to the fact that the evil side of my conscience was hung over that day. My survival turned out to be one hell of a twist of fate. Not long after I was approached by a guy that wore what had to be the coolest sunglasses I'd ever seen in my life. He took me outside and explained to me, "You know too much about how chain mail is just a superstition." It turned out that this guy was with the Italians, and they were the ones that developed the curse of chain mail. I was then taken to my homeland for 2 tiring exhausting weeks, where I was forced to crush grapes with my bare feet. I eventually decided to escape. When my slave driver came home I ingeniously planted a soccer ball and a bowl of pasta in the middle of the driveway. Of course he was infuriated that these sacred aspects of our culture were being disrespected. While he was distracted, I jumped into his car and drove away. I heard him yell that he'd be back for me.

Two months later, in August, he returned for me. He told me that he had a change of heart. He had become French. But I wanted to mess around with him a bit, so I tossed at him the fact that the French always lose their wars. I believe I said something along the lines of "Man, I love your omelettes but I hate how they can't save you from attackers." Of course that got him mad. He held me captive and sent me to a sweatshop called De La Salle. I've been toiling ever since. Fortunately, we just got a computer for our breaks (which are about 5 mins a day I think)

I think that'll do.

Disclaimer: Lack of commenting may result in hair loss, uncontrollable laughing, and restless leg syndrome.

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Coconuts [May. 6th, 2006|10:18 pm]
1. You're in a room and dying of thirst. In front of you is a pitcher of water. Behind the pitcher of water is your most valued possession. Where is the chicken?
In my stomach, that's why I'm thirsty.

2. If something fell from the sky, what color helmet would you wear?
Green so the thing falling from the sky would think i was grass and wouldn't hit me.

3. What wrestler would you wrestle and why?
JBL. Cause no one likes him.

4. If you could be in a band with any musicians you wanted, who would they be?
How about Vinny, Justin, and Marc?

5. You're stranded on an island. You can only bring 3 things/people with you. Who or what would you bring?
Kirsten, a party box, and of course a boat.
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Not dead yet..... [Apr. 5th, 2006|06:56 pm]
[mood |satisfiedsatisfied]
[music |Rise Agaisnt--Tip The Scales]

So I guess I'll have to admit I'm obsessed with wrestling again. I swear once you start playing the video game, there's no turning back. WrestleMania was just....amazing. There's something about getting put through a table on fire that raises my spirits. Especially while enjoying it with a Crave Case and a Coke.

So I've been into being random lately. Especially with cows and rabbits. And pirates. If you don't think pirates are the greatest people, you're wrong. Speaking of pirates, Maddox is writing a book. Yeah, I'm stoked. This is a good year.


Have you ever been tempted to walk down the street holding a blender and singing about cows? It sounds fun to me to just walk in front of someone's house, ring their doorbell, make a smoothie, and drink it right in front of them. Random ingenius.

I'm really sick of school. I can't wait for Easter, because there's another gaming record to break with Mark and Jmoney. I need to beat 12 hours. Think I can make it? Show some support. I'll need some Jolt Soda for that.
Has anyone ever had Jones Cream Soda? Yeah, that's amazingly good.

AFI out in June
Patent Pending out in May
This is exciting. new cds.

Alright that's all for today.
Now I shall click the update button with my laser-eye power.
Wait, I don't have that power.
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